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Czech developer raises network management cash

Czech firm IP Fabric has raised funds for its network management system development. IP Fabric is a Prague based startup building IP network infrastructure management solutions; the €1.3 million Series Seed round is led by Credo Ventures.

IP Fabric's solution enables to visualize and safely control enterprise networks. Focused on large scale IP network infrastructure, the company's products understand that the network state is constantly changing. Its approach and algorithms enable to interpret the meaning of network state and its relationship to the business in real time.

As Pavel Bykov, founder and CEO of IP Fabric, explains, "IP network complexity continues to be a challenge in the enterprise environments, where existing tooling is struggling to keep up with the sheer scale of modern networks, leaving engineers and operators in the dark. The investment will help IP Fabric to bring our products to the market."

"We are excited to support a very experienced team that we believe has what it takes to deliver an effective solution to protect vital IT infrastructures," said Vladislav Jež, Partner at Credo Ventures.

Recently released Engineering Edition of its flagship network infrastructure management platform enables to see network state on demand, while the Controller Edition scheduled for release later this year will enable to work with complete network state history.

"Network information needs to always be presented in the context of hierarchy and cross-technology dependencies, and it's baffling that no one else is doing it," said Karel Vinš, Technical Director at ŠKODA ICT.

The funding comes on the heels of a milestone sales partnership agreement signed with O2 Czech Republic, telecom operator. "Strategic partnership with IP Fabric enables O2 to stay on top of the game in the managed network services space," said Pavel Slezák, Director of Presales and Operations at O2. Pavel Bykov adds that "partnering with an established operator addresses a lot of synergies between IP Fabric products and O2 portfolio, and helps to accelerate market penetration".