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German ICT integrator opens new hub for Northern Europe

German systems architect and ICT integrator, Qvest Media has announced its further expansion across Europe, with establishing its new central hub in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company’s new Danish hub, which will be headed by Peter Thomsen, is expected to support the future activities in the Nordic and Baltic States.

Qvest Media has already hubs in countries such as France and Switzerland and the company also says it plans to establish a new managed technology business division in Northern Europe, built on its technological expertise, which would be expected to help offer a service portfolio, tailored to media companies wanting to replace long-term technology investments with OpEx operational expenditures.

Qvest Media, which is a systems integrator specialising in the areas of broadcast, media and telecommunications, aims to enable clients to focus on their core businesses thanks to its service provision and offered support for existing technology and system environments, cloud services, infrastructure services such as IaaS or the technical operating of media (PaaS).

The company’s portfolio for Northern Europe will include around of 250,000 products as well as partnerships with nearly all the major manufacturers from the media and IT industries, it says.

“Europe is an important economic region for us, with game-changing investments in the areas of digitisation and media. As a consultant and systems integrator specialising in the areas of broadcast, media and telecommunications, we operate globally on a technical level. We know, however, the importance of local presence to be able to assist our customers quickly and effectively,” says managing director of Qvest Media in Europe, Daniel Url.

“The Nordic and Baltic countries are an important and attractive market for us, which is characterised by great openness for new media and technology trends. With our experience in the design and development of digital and media technology infrastructures, we would like to play a significant role here in the future,” Url adds.

Currently Qvest Media employs more than 200 people and its range of services includes consulting, systems integration service and support for customers such as TV, news and media networks, as well as telecommunications providers and content platform operators.