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Exclusive UK adds cloud app security

With new funds on board (exclusive-gets-new-funding) and a mission for growth, distributor Exclusive has added yet another vendor with Elastica, for cloud application security. Exclusive has already recruited new Elastica reseller partners and is executing an accelerated campaign of marketing events and lead generation activity to generate momentum, it says. Elastica is the latest edition to Exclusive Networks UK’s ‘NewTech’ division of “disruptive and innovative cybersecurity technologies”.

“The widespread adoption of cloud services by UK enterprises has raised big questions about how threats can be detected - and data protected – which in turn presents major revenue potential for resellers that understand how to jump on this opportunity,” said Graham Jones, Country Manager at Exclusive Networks UK.  “Resellers have helped customers deploy SOCs (Security Operations Centres) but these urgently need augmenting for cloud app security.  Elastica has been at the forefront of delivering innovative cloud app security solutions that address this missing piece. All the experts are predicting significant growth in the cloud app security market and we’re seeing a big appetite out there from enterprises”

Exclusive UK partners will have access to Elastica’s CloudSOC portfolio, designed to help enterprises eliminate exposures of sensitive and regulated data, identify and thwart malicious activity, and achieve greater visibility into and control of their use of cloud applications.