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EPAM buys cloud migration company

US-listed eastern European integrator EPAM has raised its “Intelligent Enterprise” capabilities by buying migVisor, an AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud migration tool produced by NAYA Technologies. NAYA Technologies, headquartered in Israel, and its US subsidiary, NAYA Tech offer big data, software development and cloud migration expertise; the acquisition complements EPAM's technology consulting practice. With the addition of NAYA Tech, EPAM acquires migVisor, an automated database migration assessment tool for heterogeneous and lift-and-shift cloud migrations. As one of the only database migration assessment tools on the market that is actively promoted by major cloud providers, migVisor enables a full range of cloud engagements and speeds time-to-value for clients looking to move faster toward cloud-native solutions, it says. "We look forward to incorporating NAYA's big data expertise and the migVisor tool into our already successful and fast-growing cloud and data practices," said Max Bogretsov, SVP, Technology Solutions, EPAM. "With the increasing pressures of digitalization, the majority of our clients are migrating to the cloud for greater agility, security and scalablity. By providing integrated data consulting, delivery and automation capabilities, EPAM's true end-to-end services will enable our customers to seamlessly transition and optimize their enterprise platforms on the cloud to achieve these benefits." In addition to cloud migration, NAYA focuses on data platform architecture design and database implementation for its global clients. It also provides training services from business intelligence to software engineering for customer in-house teams looking to independently build, operate and optimize their cloud solutions.