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Cloud & Hosting Providers – The Top 500

Report includes: 
  • Turnover – last five years revenue figures for each company
  • Contact details – around 2,200 C-Level contacts with individual email address and company telephone number etc.
  • Sales information – Including activities breakdown, sales by country, Direct, Indirect and Own data centre
  • Company activity – End users by Number of staff
  • Company activity – Data centre Rental/co-location, Server Rental/virtual/Dedicated servers, Telephony/Voip/Voice, Web hosting, Email Hosting, Mobile Hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Company activity – Internet Broadband, Content Management & Media Delivery, IoT/M2M
  • Software Product Types – Business Intelligence, Accountancy, CRM, Enterprise database, ERP, E-commerce, SCM, Servers, Backup/Storage/Security, Network Infrastructure, Operating Systems, Communication Networks, Other specified
  • Vendor relationships – key vendor relationships
  • Customer references
  • Ownership & Overview

Companies we have worked with