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Distributors in Europe – The Top 500

Report includes: 
  • Turnover – last five years revenue figures for each company
  • Contact details – around 2,600 C-Level contacts with individual email address and company telephone number etc.
  • Sales information – Direct/Indirect, Hardware/Software Sales, sales by country Distributed Sales by product area
  • Hardware Products represented by Vendors – PC’s, Notebooks, Laptops, PC Accessories & Consumables, Servers, Enterprise storage & other data storage, Motherboards, CPU, UPS, Networking Hardware, Disk Drives, Memory Hardware, Tablets/Mobile devices
  • Hardware Products represented by Vendors – Digital cameras, Game consoles and accessories, Telecom/IT Cabling, Multimedia cards, Monitors, Printers and scanners, Other hardware
  • Software Products represented by Vendors – Console & PC Games/Education, Storage, Office, ERP, CRM, SCM & Accountancy, Network, Security, UNIX/Linux, CAD, CAM Software Development Tools, Internet, Server, Enterprise database, Other
  • Ownership & Overview

Companies we have worked with