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Channel-Sec Live 2020 - CrowdStrike

What has been the impact of work-from-home and the rising cyberthreat level, particularly on SMBs? IT Europa spoke to Zeki Turedi, CTO of CrowdStrike in EMEA about the conversations he has had this year with customers and partners. 

“The conversations have evolved over the months, initially it was about getting people working from home safely. Now it has moved on to helping transform the organisation. Organisations were able to move quickly, but now it is about ensuring that those advances had security enhancements as well.”

“Security is a broad subject, so we’ve taken it back to basics for partners, particularly with cloud infrastructure. With better information we are able to advise customers on what really matters and get them to focus on the right things, given their limited resources.”

To be better prepared partners should be looking at the new evolutions in security, he advises. “We have seen rapidly changed environments in the last few months. I have been working on Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA). I recommend that partners look into this as these will be tools that customers will need sooner or later.

For SMBs, partners need to ensure they are aware that they are still very much at risk, he says. “We’ve seen ransomware operators targeting even single-person businesses. A lot of SMBs are up against threat actors who are using sophisticated techniques.  The SMB can’t have that level of resources internally, so we have been working with our partners to make sure they have the skills to protect them.”

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