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David Groves | Managed Services and Hosting 2017

David Groves, Director of Product Management, Maintel on the MSPs need for changing processes and mindsets:

“Security is at the heart of what we do and we do it through managed services,” David Groves, Director of Product Management. Maintel told the 2017 Managed Services and Hosting Summit on behalf of Highlight. But this has meant changes in the organisation, transitioning from a maintenance service which is purely reactive. “Moving to becoming proactive is a different style and is what we call a managed service, very much aligned with the customer’s business processes.”

Providing things much more in line with what the customer needs is a higher value service. “In terms of people, we have had to change our culture, which is a different mindset from measuring uptime.” Processes also change, and the methodology, systems and customer engagement changes.


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