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Sam Callaghan, ConnectWise - World of As-a-Service

The technology service world is shifting from what was very much focused around delivering the technology to this world of as-a-service where the customers is at the center. The customer experience is really important and the technology is becoming more and more the tablestakes and the support of the technology is becoming expected from the end user. It's really about the interaction and the experience that they have with the service provider. But the traditional IT industry has got to get its head round as a service idea.

At the heart of ConnectWise, we've gone through this matriculation and maturity into an 1100-person software company. And with that we've taken a whole load of experience that we've built into a platform of technologies. Software applications that we deliver; we help people to center around their customer experiences and really home in on automating the process while delivering high experience and high level of customer experience.

Security is key it's quite alarming some of the things that go on and every day there's new breaches. There's a huge trend toward security there's no doubt about it. And part of our job at the middle of this ecosystem is to try and bring these security and service offerings together for the IT service providers so they can operationalize and deliver the solutions to the customers.

So we very much see ourselves as kind of at the hub of this wheel of solutions and services. The educational aspect is how do we help educate a technology solution providers to be well prepared for the customer demands with security. There's some interesting products you'll see come out in the next couple of months for that.

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