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“…Attackers don’t break in, they log in…”

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Event Date:  November 28, 2023 at Event Time:  12:00

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The mass shift to hybrid working has been a boon for cyber criminals. A more agile workforce has opened new attack vectors ripe for exploitation as employees share smartphones usage between their professional and personal lives.

For MSPs, although Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a mature space, the mobile market is still relatively untapped. Considering the widespread adoption of remote working, this is a sector currently witnessing double-digit growth as clients start to wake up to dangers. These include the theft of secure credentials via mobile phishing allowing attackers to simply login into corporate systems, bypassing carefully layered defenses, to wreak havoc!

In this IT Europa webinar sponsored by Lookout, we look at the current state of security within the mobility market including a dive into new research that highlights the scale and scope of the existing threats as well as a slew of emerging issues.

The session will look candidly at operational issues that MSPs face when designing, deploying, and managing an effective Mobile EDR offering, as well as advice on how to market, position and upsell mobile security as part of an integrated approach.

The session will include:

  • Overall threat landscape for mobility and key emerging trends
  • Market opportunity and key drivers for adoption
  • Building a viable Mobile MDR offering suitable for different client profiles
  • Key differentiators between competing solution within the mobile MDR space
  • Exclusive, fully featured Not-For-Resale account for MSP attendees