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Event Date:  September 19, 2023 at Event Time:  14:45

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For all the doom and gloom, businesses have got better at cybersecurity compared to the 2000’s when simple viruses could shutdown entire organisations. Basic Desktop AV and firewalls are baked into most operating systems and many business owners at least recognise the need for cyber protection. However, the entry level for MSSPs is starting to become saturated. Familiar commoditisation issues are starting to creep into the low end of the cyber security sector leading to declining profits.

In response, progressive MSSPs are looking to move further up the stack and offer more advanced services, with better margins and client retention. In this webinar sponsored by LogPoint, we look at how MSSPs can build service portfolios that are aligned to the evolving needs of existing and future clients with a focus on standing out from the crowd. We also take a deeper dive into what MSSPs can expect from a true partnership model from initial signup, business modelling and ongoing relationship.

Key takeaways include:

• Building differentiation within a crowded marketplace
• Creating a viable service portfolio
• Understanding the profitability sweet spot for MSSPs
• What can you expect from a strategic partnership model?
• Overcoming the challenges in Navigating A->B