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Managed Services Summit Europe - Emelia Bunea keynote preview

Play to win!

Ever ditched playing guitar, the golf course or running 5Ks to focus on work? You may want to rethink your strategy according to our MSS Europe keynote speaker Dr. Emilia Bunea, CEO-turned-researcher.  Dr. Bunea went from running a successful financial services organization with over 2 million customers to becoming a leading academic in the study of leadership culture. Over the last 15 years, Emilia has delivered lecturers worldwide, at both leading business schools and corporates. She has also produced an award-winning film tracing a senior executive’s leadership journey while her inspiring Ted Talk has been viewed over a million times. In her keynote, she will be examining “Why you should take your leisure seriously” sharing her insights into the important role it has to play in shaping great leaders. To sign up for MSS Europe, please visit