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AI, agility, and adaptability key focus areas for 2024

Industry experts discuss key trends for MSPs including the pivotal role of AI in cybersecurity and a growing need for adaptability within a challenging economic environment

The integration of generative AI technology is set to be a key factor in developing security policies, regulations, and frameworks this year, as highlighted in the IT Europa Channel Predictions Report launched this week.

Kyle Torres, Channel Account Executive for EMEA at Sophos stressed the significance of embracing AI and other new technologies, while underlining the need for “agility” and “adaptivity” among MSPs.

“From a security perspective, that threat landscape is getting bigger and there are a lot of new technologies out there, especially things like generative AI that are increasing the capabilities for both the attackers and defenders alike, but this all makes the threat landscape more complex,” Torres said. 

Greg Jones, Vice President of Business Development for EMEA at Kaseya, concurred, highlighting that 2023 has demonstrated the utmost importance of “adaptability” and “agility” in the MSP landscape.

“We know the threat landscape has increased, we’ve recently endured a health pandemic and it’s clear that things can just pivot overnight. What I’ve started doing in all areas of my business is kind of making three plans. 

“One is for if the world stays the same. Another is what happens overnight if there’s a downturn or some similar issues. And finally, if we end up in Utopia, and there’s loads of opportunity. So, for me, adaptability and agility to change is probably my biggest lesson learned this year.”

Allen Manville, Director of Channel Programmes at Cofense, predicts that AI will “rapidly transform” the threat landscape, elevating the CISO to a key boardroom figure. However, to stay agile and adaptable, he advises MSPs to “increase training budgets” to ensure employees, the “last line of defense”, are well-informed and current.

Manville also flagged image-based attacks as an emerging threat in 2024. “We’re seeing this surge through our own Intel with for example QR codes landing on users via an email or through a mobile phone with a link as a way of infiltrating an end user’s own devices that is linked to a corporate network.”

For Danny Boyle, Senior Account Manager at NinjaOne, a focus on enhancing client satisfaction is critical and an area he believes is going to be a “major focus as the MSP space becomes more competitive as it's always more expensive to acquire brand new business than it is to retain old.”

Boyle also believes that MSPs are steering investments towards security, automation, and employee productivity, with businesses placing heightened emphasis on security and automation needs.

To learn more about their forecasts for this year, access the complete IT Channel Predictions report by clicking this link:

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