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AI for data partners introduced by Channel Tools

Channel Tools now has a partnership with London-based AI technology specialist Faculty. The partnership aims to develop a new channel for Faculty’s data science workbench, Faculty Platform, as the market for all-in-one data science tools accelerates. Faculty Platform is a workbench designed to help data scientists build and deploy machine learning and predictive analytics models. Developed by and for data scientists, the software is engineered to simplify data science infrastructure, optimise team collaboration, and accelerate the development of machine learning models. It is used every day by hundreds of data science teams to deliver value fast, the company says.

Paul Ryan, Sales Director at Faculty added, “If we’re going to make AI integral to everyday business, we need to give data scientists tools that help them spend less time building infrastructure and more time building models. We’re delighted to partner with Channel Tools to help more data scientists do this.”

Kewal Gupta, Chairman and Founder at Channel Tools said: “AI and machine learning is a very exciting step-change technology and is a core pillar of Channel Tools, allowing us to support our customers with smart solutions in an ever-changing business landscape.”

He tells IT Europa: “At a basic level end customers that have data scientists will benefit from this platform as normally their data scientists would need a number of bits of technology  which they would normally cobble together. You find that within companies they will have a number of data scientists and they will all work in different ways with different tools and potentially using different methods for different end result 

In terms of Channel Partners, they could be integrators, AI Services companies  as well as resellers. Typically these partners will have a data practice or analytics practice and potentially a cloud practice. They may also provide consultancy around data and /or analytics .This type of solution will pull through compute for the partner as the platform is set up in a way to allow the partner or end user to use their own compute facilities.”

IT Europa says:

Faculty has the right idea in that AI starts with the problem, not just the data, but it will take a well-educated channel with a clear understanding of data handling to find the problems among the customers to which AI has a robust solution. This expertise is in short supply; might be worth investigating in any spare minutes in the current environment.