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Amazon Web Services ploughs billions into European sovereign cloud

Amazon Web Services ploughs billions into European sovereign cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) says it plans to invest €7.8 billion in its European sovereign cloud in Germany through to 2040. The firm plans to launch its first AWS Region in the state of Brandenburg, Germany, by the end of 2025, available to all customers.

AWS says its long-term investment is expected to lead to a "ripple effect" in the local cloud community, through accelerating productivity gains, empowering the digital transformation of businesses, strengthening the AWS Partner Network (APN), upskilling the cloud and digital workforce, and developing renewable energy projects.

In total, the planned investment is estimated to contribute €17.2 billion to Germany’s total gross domestic product (GDP) through to 2040, said AWS, and support an average 2,800 full-time equivalent jobs in local German businesses each year. These positions - including construction, facility maintenance, engineering, telecommunications, and other jobs within the broader local economy - are part of the AWS data centre supply chain.

In addition, AWS will also create new skilled permanent roles to build and operate the AWS European sovereign cloud. These jobs will include software engineers, systems developers, and solutions architects. "This is part of our commitment that all day-to-day operations of the sovereign cloud will be controlled exclusively by personnel located in the EU, including access to data centres, technical support, and customer service," said the company.