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Ardian acquires green data centre platform Verne

French private investment firm Ardian has acquired green data centre platform Verne from the UK's Digital 9 Infrastructure (D9), with a commitment of offering up to $1.2bn to support Verne's growth and sustainability plans across Europe. 

Established in 2012, Verne, based in the UK, focuses on expanding its presence in the European data centre market, particularly in Northern Europe.

Ardian aims to enhance Verne's current 29 MW capacity by nearly four times in the coming years, targeting new sites in Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway for expansion. 

Gonzague Boutry, MD - Digital Infrastructure, Ardian, said: “This investment is fully aligned with our approach at Ardian of investing into platforms and delivering strong returns through a major industrial strategy backed by an accelerated capex plan. 

“Ardian will support Verne’s top tier management team to match the incredible and fascinating customer AI-driven demand.”

Ardian manages $164bn in assets globally including $31bn in direct infrastructure with $6bn in digital infrastructure sectors.