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Automation identified as 'biggest need' for MSPs in 2023, survey shows

New insights from OpsRamp's 2023 State of AIOps Survey reveal that operational efficiency is the most significant restraint for MSPs seeking lasting growth and profitability.

The survey responses from 265 participants showed that AIOps can benefit MSPs and enterprises, with 66% stating automating operations as their ‘primary obstacle’ and ‘biggest need’ in 2023.

Survey respondents generally acclaimed AIOps for automating wearisome tasks (52%), diminishing incident tickets (65%) and cutting down MTTD and MTTR (56%).

Suresh Vobbilesetty, the EVP Engineering at OpsRamp, affirmed that “AIOps is delivering tangible results for enterprises and MSPs. But it also shows that organisations’ AIOps initiatives remain a work in progress.”