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Blackberry and Deloitte team up to secure IoT software supply chains

BlackBerry has joined forces with Deloitte to assist OEMs in securing their software supply chains.

As part of the agreement between the two, Deloitte will use BlackBerry’s software composition analysis tool BlackBerry Jarvis, a solution that the company says delivers actionable intelligence on behalf of their clients to address potential vulnerabilities and exposures.

To ensure the safety of its traffic management and wider transport infrastructure, the G7 Transportation Ministry has selected the joint software and services of the two firms. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Deloitte to help OEMs and those responsible for critical infrastructure better understand their embedded systems security challenges with a view to ensuring their end products are both secure and updated with the most recent security patches,” said Adam Boulton, chief technology officer of BlackBerry Technology Solutions. “Just as a health-conscious grocery shopper can benefit from scrutinising nutrition labels on food packages, an embedded software developer can gain a whole host of insights by leveraging tools and expertise that enable them to detect issues in their supply chain that may have real implications for intellectual property disputes, security risks and overall quality.”

With clients across the aerospace, automotive and medical, BlackBerry Jarvis aims to empower OEMs to inspect the provenance of their code and every single software asset that comes into their overall supply chains, BlackBerry explained. 

“Deloitte is very excited to partner with BlackBerry”, Stephen Meagher, Director of IoT for Risk Advisory, Deloitte added. “Our already productive relationship will focus on key mobility and other market opportunities.  We’re confident that BlackBerry’s deep security heritage and expertise complimented by Deloitte’s world-leading Risk Advisory teams will create a compelling value proposition for new and existing clients.”