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Broadcom's EUC division set for growth post KKR deal

The potential acquisition of Broadcom's VMware End User Computing (EUC) division by private equity group KKR, first announced in February, represents enhanced growth opportunities, according to Spencer Pitts (pictured), CTO of Broadcom's EUC arm.

Originally part of VMware before Broadcom's acquisition, the EUC unit provides digital workspace solutions for managing applications, desktops, and data.

Reflecting on the acquisition at Insight Technology Conference in London, Pitts highlighted KKR's growth strategy, expressing optimism about the transition to partners.

"They're [KKR] very much about growing companies, maybe selling them or maybe getting to the point where they can be IPO, but they are very much an investment company with growth at the forefront of that process. For us, that's very exciting," Pitts stated. "We definitely see this as an opportunity to grow."

Addressing concerns about changes in vision or strategy, Pitts assured partners of continuity.

"The acquisition, although not complete, is not going to drastically change in terms of vision," he said. "If anything, we are going to accelerate our vision. That's the plan."

He emphasised Broadcom’s EUC’s strategic vision for AI and the Autonomous Workspace. "Our vision, making work as we call it an autonomous workspace, has been our focus for the last nine months," Pitts stated.

A critical advantage of the acquisition is the dedicated focus on end-user computing products, promising increased agility and innovation.

Pitts noted, "You [partners] are going to have a dedicated team of people that only look after end user computing products. Not that we never sort of talked to you before, but you are just going to have people that only do that."

The transaction valued at approximately $4bn is expected to close later this year.