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BT's 5G services shake-up set to help partners

BT's 5G services shake-up set to help partners

Many mobile operators and their partnership ecosystems still wonder how they can capitalise from the 5G networks they’re building.

It's still a case for many that 5G is mainly a quick mobile network solution looking for new and profitable applications.

BT Group says it is moving things forward with a services deployment from Oracle, selecting Oracle Communications Cloud Native Converged Policy Management to optimise its network resources and bring new 5G offerings to market faster, it says.

The solution will enable BT to “quickly and seamlessly” test and implement 5G services, such as live streaming and zero-rated 5G content across its EE mobile network in the UK.

When it comes to 5G services, most mobile operators realise they need partners to develop, roll-out, manage and monetise those services, so BT's move is potentially a boon to the wider channel.

The Oracle technology enables network engineers to design, test and deploy new services across both 4G and 5G networks, and its policy design engine will allow BT to test and implement new 5G service plans and experiences such as live streaming and augmented reality (AR), reducing testing and implementation time.

“As we move to this next evolution in networking, Oracle is helping us reduce complexity with solutions that ease the migration to 5G and provide the flexibility needed both to introduce innovative new services, and also ensure we're offering our customers the right levels of service according to their needs,” said Howard Watson, chief technology officer at BT.

Oracle Communications Consulting (OCC) will support the policy solution implementation and the eventual migration of BT's 4G voice and data services to 5G, assisting BT with policy design, optimisation and 5G software testing using Oracle's Automated Testing Suite.

“Oracle communications technology is helping forward-thinking operators such as BT future-proof their 5G vision,” added Andrew Morawski, senior vice president and general manager for networks at Oracle Communications. “With a unified, future-ready policy management platform, BT can optimise network resources appropriately and bring new, innovative services and experiences to customers more quickly.”