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Cribl collaborates with AWS to ease data management services

Cribl collaborates with AWS to ease data management services

Cribl has signed a strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to build solutions designed to make it easier for customers to effectively manage the rapidly growing influx of IT and security data.

Customers use Cribl’s vendor-agnostic solutions to analyse, collect, process, and route all IT and security data from any source or in any destination, to adapt to their changing needs.

“This new agreement with AWS is another major step towards delivering customer choice and control over rapidly growing IT and security data,” said Zac Kilpatrick, vice president of global channels at Cribl. “With access to our suite of products, customers are empowered to gain complete control over their data with the ability to easily optimise it, move it to where it needs to go, search the data in place, and work more efficiently to drive business success today and into the future.”

The SCA enables further development of Cribl.Cloud on AWS, accelerating customers’ use of Cribl solutions to collect, process, and analyse IT and security data with their sources and destinations of choice.

There is also go-to-market expansion with AWS to deliver solutions that address growing data challenges and drive greater efficiency, and global growth initiatives to support the expansion of Cribl into new regions, including Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

In addition, there is continued innovation with AWS to give customers freedom through its integration with Amazon Security Lake and showcasing Cribl Search capabilities.

“Security is increasingly important as customers embrace generative AI and other digital tools to transform their businesses,” said Alan Braun, director, technology partnerships and AWS Marketplace business development, Americas at AWS. “Amazon Security Lake Partners and Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework members such as Cribl are making it easier for customers to capture deeper insights from their security data, improving protection of their workloads, applications, and data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

Cribl enables customers to choose data from any source and convert it to the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) format. Customers can then search data at rest and forward only the critical data to systems of analysis.

Last week, Cribl Lake was launched, a “turnkey” data lake solution designed to put IT and security teams “on the fast-track” to having “complete control and flexibility” over their data.

San Francisco-headquartered Cribl’s existing product suite, which is used by Fortune 1000 companies globally, includes Cribl Stream, an observability pipeline; Cribl Edge, an intelligent vendor-neutral agent; and Cribl Search, a search-in-place solution.

Cribl Lake’s unified management layer allows organisations to leverage low-cost object storage, either Cribl-managed or customer-owned, and automate provisioning, unify security and retention policy, and use open formats to eliminate vendor lock-in.

As data volumes rapidly increase, organisations are faced with tight budgets and lean engineering resources that prohibit them from effectively managing these data volumes.

Cribl Lake is a flexible, “cost-effective” offering that “seamlessly scales” with data growth, said the provider, giving IT and security teams the autonomy to effectively manage retention, meet compliance mandates, centralise telemetry aggregation, and improve analytics and threat hunting.

Cribl Lake is fully integrated with Cribl’s suite of products and can be onboarded “in a matter of minutes”, the company said.

Teams can “effortlessly” ingest, share, and route data downstream through Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge in any format, to any tool, at any time. Cribl Search unifies the query experience no matter where data is stored, so users can get value from data without delays.