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Customers seeking MSPs for security consolidation

New research from OpenText highlights that 86% of MSP and MSSP customers are outsourcing their data protection needs to consolidate their security tools due to cost and resource constraints.

The study found that a significant proportion (86%) of MSPs surveyed believe security and compliance tools are converging.

Integrating soltuions emerged as the top challenge when forming new partnerships, reported by 32% of MSPs and MSSPs.

Geoff Bibby, SVP of Marketing and Strategy, OpenText Cybersecurity, said: “With limited time and security resources, simple and effective security must be a priority. 

“MSPs equipped with a comprehensive cyber resilient portfolio of cloud-based data security and data management solutions are uniquely positioned to help clients gain efficiencies without compromising security.”

Moreover, MSPs and MSSPs report that customers' major hurdles are locating cost savings (28%), streamlining security (26%), and overcoming skills deficits and expertise shortages.