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Cybersecurity undervalued in business success, study shows

Delinea's latest research reveals that a significant 61% of over 2,000 IT security decision-makers feel their organisations undervalue the role of cybersecurity in business success. 

The study highlights a disconnect between cybersecurity and business objectives, resulting in negative outcomes in 89% of cases. 

It also found that 36% of respondents felt that their company's leadership views cybersecurity primarily as a compliance issue, with 17% reporting it's not seen as a priority.

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO at Delinea, said: “Cyber security can be a huge business enabler, but this research reflects that there is still some work to do at the board level in shifting mindsets.

“Executive leaders need to think of cybersecurity not only in terms of ticking the compliance box or protecting the company but also in terms of the value it can deliver at a more strategic level.”