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Evolve IP forms eco-friendly alliance with Green IP

Evolve IP has partnered with Green IP, a Poole-based reseller, to create a sustainable business model. 

Green IP, operating since last summer after splitting from TXI, focuses on eco-friendly practices like using electric vehicles and renewable energy. 

The firm’s eco-conscious approach extends to merchandise like bamboo pens and recyclable coffee cups. 

By partnering with Evolve IP, Green IP has successfully attained the status of a Climate Partner.

Matthew Brown, Business Development Executive at Green IP, said: “It’s becoming more prevalent as climate change is something that no one can ignore now. We all have to play a part. 2024 will be a massive year for us.”

“The future is undoubtedly green, and businesses increasingly seek sustainability as a key criterion for partnership.

Paul Harrison, MD (EMEA) at Evolve IP, said: “We know that around 70% of future procurement is looking to work with sustainable businesses.

“Today businesses have a choice to be sustainable but very soon we are not going to have a choice.”