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GigaIO joins forces with Valkyrie to guide firms to AI Valhalla

GigaIO joins forces with Valkyrie to guide firms to AI Valhalla

System builder GigaIO and Valkyrie have unveiled a joint AI readiness assessment service, along with a combined hardware, software and services stack for companies looking to enter the AI space.

The partnership combines GigaIO’s AI infrastructure expertise with Valkyrie’s proficiency in AI deployment to create a one-stop shop in the AI market.

“Our partners have expressed a pressing need from their customers, the desire to adopt AI within their enterprises, but not knowing where to start,” said Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO. “Valkyrie’s unsurpassed expertise will empower our resellers to deliver AI solutions, backed by a wealth of implementation expertise.”

For companies that are ready to implement, GigaIO’s AI infrastructure expertise helps them choose and deploy the best hardware and software models for specific production needs. GigaIO says its ability to put 32 GPUs in a single server, using its SuperNODE technology, streamlines the process of getting AI models up and running, when compared to multiple and complex InfiniBand-networked server configurations.

For companies seeking guidance on their AI journey, Valkyrie’s educational and executive workshops provide training in critical areas, such as enterprise AI, large language models (LLMs), reinforcement learning, and knowledge graphs. AI readiness assessments identify organisational and data challenges, providing actionable insights to accelerate adoption.

“AI is reshaping the modern business paradigm, but its impact extends far beyond just the operational realm,” said Charlie Burgoyne, CEO of Valkyrie. “Our partnership with GigaIO reflects our commitment to equipping businesses with the context and foresight to navigate AI’s intricate dynamics responsibly and effectively.”

Valkyrie has a track record designing AI solutions for the likes of Sirius XM, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Global Medical Response, coupled with successful AI assessment case studies with leading Fortune 500 companies.

Valkyrie’s Al readiness assessment analyses a company’s “mindset”, knowledge and skills, data maturity, infrastructure, and budget, to determine its level of preparedness for future Al initiatives, and identifies challenges it may face along the way.

Recently, GigaIO and SourceCode launched Gryf, a carry-on suitcase-style supercomputer that can process large amounts of edge data, at the edge using a co-designed GPU server.