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IGEL launches new MSP partner programme

Cloud computing vendor IGEL has launched a new  MSP partner programme that streamlines endpoint management for service providers.

Targeted at MSPs focused on managed DaaS, VDI, and SaaS solutions, the programme is designed to lower endpoint ownership costs and is now available to qualifying partners.

It offers flexible service models and deployment options, catering to various customer needs, and includes features like onboarding, automated usage reporting, and support for both on-premises and cloud deployments. 

Mads Skalbo, VP of Global MSP Business, IGEL, said: "Today's MSPs need access to the flexible endpoint solutions that not only secure devices, but also simplify endpoint management and control without adding complexity or increasing staff resource requirements.

"IGEL is serving these MSPs with dedicated technology, consumption models and support to enhance their suite of endpoint services.