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IGEL unveils new logo and go-to-market

IGEL unveils new logo and go-to-market

Secure endpoint operating system provider IGEL has unveiled a new brand logo (above), and launched its IGEL Preventative Security Model. The Model is designed to support zero trust and SASE initiatives that eliminate endpoint vulnerabilities targeted by bad actors.

The initiative will be a central theme at the annual IGEL DISRUPT end user computing (EUC) forum, to be held 29 April to 1 May, 2024, in Miami.

The big channel vendor maintains this conference will be the “largest EUC industry event ever”. The redesigned logo features emanating endpoint “sparks”.

“The cloud-first approach taken by many organisations has resulted in a shift of endpoint workloads away from the endpoint, and into VDI, DaaS or SaaS infrastructure often accessed through secure browsers,” said Klaus Oestermann, CEO of IGEL. “This shift presents a unique opportunity to reassess the enterprise endpoint.”

Through IGEL’s Preventative Security Model, he said, IGEL OS reduces the endpoint attack surface “by 95%” - “dramatically reducing endpoint purchasing and operational costs” - and helping organisations meet sustainability and zero trust goals.

Oestermann added: “IGEL OS is the most secure and efficient endpoint OS for enterprises across all major vertical industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and government.”

The Preventative Security Model supports zero trust and SASE initiatives in five key ways:

-Read-only OS. The secure Linux-based OS means users cannot unwittingly, or maliciously, install malware to the endpoint, reducing the risk of successful phishing, ransomware and other cyber attacks.

-No local storage of data. No customer, patient, financial or other information can be downloaded to the endpoint or exfiltrated through attached USB devices.

-Trusted application platform. A secure boot process ensures no code has been tampered with. A reboot returns the device to a known good state, enabling organisations to “confidently restore services in minutes”, rather than weeks or months after a cyber attack.

-Authentication, SSO integration and SASE. IGEL partners with leading authentication vendors - including Microsoft, Imprivata, Okta, Ping Identity, VMware and Citrix - to integrate with broader standards. IGEL also partners with SASE and Secure Service Edge partners to optimise zero trust implementations.

-Modular design. “At just 2GB”, IGEL OS has a much smaller attack surface than a traditional endpoint OS, said the vendor.