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Logpoint acquisition trumpets US challenge

Summa Equity has acquired Denmark-headquartered security services vendor Logpoint.

Present in 11 locations across Europe, the US and Asia, Logpoint is a provider of SIEM, UEBA, SOAR and SAP security technologies converged into a complete platform.

The €2.3 billion Summa Equity Fund III is supported by around 70 diverse institutional investors.

Summa Equity partner and CIO Christian Melby said: “By taking a majority stake in Logpoint, we are investing in securing the global tech-enabled transformation, which is vital to reaching most of our sustainable development goals.

“It is an investment in European cyber security resilience, ensuring that the technology to secure digital infrastructures thrives in Europe. Logpoint will serve as the platform for building a European cyber security powerhouse, as an alternative to the dominating US vendors.”

Logpoint CEO Jesper Zerlang added: “We are at a historical tipping point where digital transformation is key to our collective future and prosperity. This foundational transformation is threatened by increasingly aggressive adversaries, organised crime, and state-sponsored actors.

“The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, and the Covid-pandemic have made us realise our vulnerabilities, and advanced cyber technology is a core element in securing the transformation.

“In partnership with Summa, we will create the strongest European cyber security company with global reach, making this technology available to organisations of all sizes.”

Following the Summa investment, Yttrium (formerly Digital+ Partners) will remain a “significant” minority shareholder in Logpoint, said the vendor.