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Majority of UK SME workers in favour of four-day work week

After an initial surge of IT channel firms adopting a four-day work week, a majority of UK SME workers are in favour of a four-day work schedule, according to a recent study conducted by GetApp. 

The research found that 85% of the 1,047 workers surveyed are aware of the concept and are actively pushing for its adoption by their employers. 

Additionally, 74% of respondents stated that they would be willing to change jobs to work for a company that offers greater flexibility. 

The main reason behind this desire for a shorter work week is to achieve a better work-life balance, as 78% expressed dissatisfaction with their current jobs.

David Jani, Content Analyst at GetApp UK, said: “Although our survey results suggested that the majority of employers weren’t planning to implement a four-day week, our participants made it clear that they felt positive about the idea of this way of working.”