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MSPs increase IT spend by 80%, ETB finds

A new ETB Technologies report reveals that 80% of MSPs have boosted their IT budgets due to a surge in demand for enterprise IT equipment.

Among the 80%, 67% are doubling their spending, while 27% have reported increases between 60-70%.

Additionally, 62% of MSPs are moving away from cloud solutions, a process known as 'declouding', as businesses shift data management in-house.

The study also highlights a growing trend towards refurbished technology, with 30% currently purchasing such equipment and 84% having done so in the past.

Nick Stapleton (Pictured), MD at ETB, said: “There’s a number of reasons why spending is on the up. Growing industry costs, increased security threats, and structural change are just a few examples. While the change in budgets is significant, what’s clear from our research is that cost-efficiency, quality and service are key strategic considerations. 

“Refurbished technology that is cheaper, more climate-friendly and just as reliable as brand-new equipment can play a huge role in the development and implementation of these strategies.”