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Nordic region data centres boosted by low cost energy

The Data Centre Nordics 2021 to 2025 report analyses the Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden third-party Data Centre and Cloud markets over the period – and finds that the region is set for renewed growth particularly for HPC (High Performance Computing) users.

From the report DCP finds that the Nordic Region is dominated by the Swedish and Norwegian markets – which each have over 120,000 m2 of third-party Data Centre raised floor space. Both countries benefit from an abundance of low cost renewable power attracting new users with high density power hungry IT applications. Facilities are being built which offer high power densities per rack with the Swedish atNorth facility (at Kista near Stockholm) supporting up to 40 kW of power per rack (if air cooled) and 100 kW of power per rack (if liquid cooled).

In Norway, the Government is considering new legislation to encourage excess heat from the Data Centre to be reused in a nearby district heating network, proposing that companies who consume 2 MW of power or more to reuse excess heat. The Norwegian Government argues that as power costs in Norway are low legislation is required to encourage more efficient power use.

Selected Data Centre Providers in the Nordics are expanding their facilities in the region. DigiPlex, a Norwegian Data Centre Provider is to build its first Data Centre campus near Copenhagen with up to five Data Centre facilities when built out. Green Edge Compute AS, a recent start-up in Norway, is to open its first facility near Trondheim in Norway, to support IoT (Internet of Things) with plans to open in other cities throughout Scandinavia.

Iceland, the smallest of the five countries has introduced a number of facilities aimed at bitcoin mining or HPC (High Performance Computing) applications based on low cost renewable power. Iceland has seen campus facilities from atNorth, Verne Global & Etix Borealis offering high power densities provided as standard.

With the emphasis on low cost renewable energy and the ability to significantly lower the Data Centre carbon footprint by deploying applications in the Nordics, DCP finds that there is the opportunity for the Nordic Region to continue to expand its market reach &challenge established Tier 1 European markets based on the most favourable energy costs in Europe.