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Over half of MSSPs embracing dark web monitoring, report finds

New research from Searchlight Cyber has found that over half (56%) of MSSPs in the UK and US are undertaking dark web monitoring in response to a ‘surge’ in customer demand.

The report also revealed that around two-thirds (65%) of MSSPs respondents said customers had requested intelligence from the dark web and, among those, 74% said their customers' interest was increasing.

The demand is driven by customers looking to identify vulnerabilities affecting their organisation (39%), to find out if they are being targeted on the dark web (38%), and to gather intelligence on threat groups such as ransomware gangs (38%).

Ben Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Searchlight Cyber said: “We see a huge opportunity for MSSPs that are able to integrate dark web intelligence into their services. 

“As this topic grows in prominence, those that have started to build out their capabilities, data sources, and understanding will be able to benefit as more customers look for guidance on the dark web, giving them an advantage in the competitive market of managed security services.”