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PaaS tools aid MSPs against multi-channel threats

In this sponsored Q&A, Gal Ashkelon and Miri Tamir explore Perception Point's channel approach and the abundant benefits PaaS offers to MSPs.

(Sponsored Content) In today's digital realm, enterprises leverage technology to optimise their processes and streamline workflows. With the growing intricacies of IT infrastructures and the undeniable emphasis on security, Prevention-as-a-Service (PaaS) has emerged as a vital solution for businesses.

Perception Point, a global cybersecurity company, has been leading the change in the PaaS domain. In this sponsored Q&A, Gal Ashkelon (pictured right), the Chief of Global Partner Initiatives, and Miri Tamir (pictured left), the Lead of Alliances and Partnerships for EMEA and APAC, explore Perception Point's channel approach and the abundant benefits PaaS offers to MSPs.

Can you provide a brief history of Perception Point?

Perception Point specializes in prevention against content-based attacks across various collaboration channels. Our specialization lies in securing Email, web browser, and cloud applications.

Our cloud-native Prevention-as-a-Service solution includes a 24/7 incident response service at no extra cost. This enhances incident management, and detection while providing valuable insights. We offer fast scanning of all content without compromising the user experience.

Organizations are confronting an evolving and increasingly complex threat landscape, driven by malicious actors who continually enhance their sophistication. These actors employ advanced techniques and tools that leverage technologies like Generative AI. In response to these challenges and specific MSP needs, we have launched our new Managed Service Provider (MSP) Programme. This Programme is thoughtfully designed to empower MSPs and managed security service providers (MSSPs) with a comprehensive suite of solutions, tools, and resources. These offerings are aimed at accelerating and enhancing their business success.

When was Perception Point founded and how has its support for MSPs evolved over time?

Founded in 2015, our Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is centred around a "channel-first" approach. This comprehensive GTM strategy includes various channels, such as distributors, resellers, global alliances, and a current focus on Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Among our distinguished global strategic alliances, you will find: AWS, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, and SentinelOne. What distinguishes Perception Point is our unwavering commitment to offering MSPs exclusive support, featuring a 24X7 Fully Managed All-Inclusive Incident Response team. MSPs can seamlessly integrate this support as an extension of their internal SOC teams.

Perception Point’s new MSPs Programme is geared to ensure the success of its partners, providing access to the tools and assistance to market, sell and manage the solution, including:

Expert MSP Support – Direct access to sales managers, presales specialists, and marketing experts

MSP Certification and Training – Comprehensive MSP Training and Certification Programme.

Revenue increase benefits – volume-based discounts, channel bundles, rebate programme, pay as you grow programme & lead sharing.

Partner Knowledge Centre – A repository of technical, marketing, and sales enablement resources.

How do Prevention-as-a-Service solutions present new avenues and increased profitability for MSPs?

Perception Point offers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) a straightforward and efficient solution for shielding their customers' end-users from advanced and contemporary threats across various communication channels, including email, web browsers, and collaboration software as a service.

Our threat detection capabilities are driven by cutting-edge AI/ML engines, computer vision, and robust anti-malware technologies. These, combined with a partner-centric console, multi-tenancy support, and an integrated, fully managed incident response service, enable MSPs and MSSPs to streamline solution management. This, in turn, allows them to redirect their focus towards business growth and revenue generation.

In what ways do Prevention-as-a-Service tools boost the efficiency and scalability of operations for MSPs?

Perception point we understand that the MSP play a crucial role in helping organizations protect their digital assets and data from cyber threats. However, MSSPs face several challenges in delivering effective security services. Like unfilled cybersecurity positions, continued rise in cybercrime, organizations not being able to keep up with all security alerts coming in, and difficulty managing through tens of different security tools within their organizations.

99% of all successful attacks today are coming in through email or web today, Perception Points prevention-as-a-service tools provides a one-stop-shop for MSPs and MSSPs seeking to extend their product portfolio with a fully managed, multi-channel security tool.

Could you elaborate on the channel strategy adopted by Perception Point?

Our Channel First GTM includes various types of channels: distributors, resellers, global alliances and now focusing on MSPs.

Among our global strategic alliances, you can find AWS, Microsoft, CrowdStrike and SentinelOne.

When it comes to your partner integration efforts, are there specific qualities you look for in potential MSP partners?

Our Programme empowers MSPs and MSSPs to create tailor-made offerings for customers by bundling Perception Point products with MSPs and MSSPs services to create higher value service offerings. We offer our MSPs Grow their practice with us by cooperating with our teams and gain access to supplemented training, technical support, and marketing materials.

Perception Point platform require 5-minute deployment via API (no MX-record change) and a dedicated team of experts that will support and assist your team in meetings, demos, and POC processes, Perception Point will shorten your sales cycles and help you win deals faster.

For MSPs keen on collaborating with Perception Point, what should be their immediate next steps?

Visit our partners page at Perception Point website: