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Polish aims at AI leap

Poland based artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions provider has plans to grow to five times its current size.

Its five-year strategy aims to focus its services on three key technologies: Predictive Modeling, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. It will pair that work with comprehensive Data & Analytics Platforms advisory and artificial intelligence/machine learning workshops.

Earlier this year, was spun off from CodiLime to independently focus on artificial intelligence/machine learning projects and solutions for industry.    

According to Tomasz Kulakowski, CEO of, "a clear strategy and strong vision are crucial in building a successful IT business, especially in a cutting-edge segment like AI. By giving independence to grow, we enabled the company to forge its own strategy."

Analysts at Gartner and Deloitte believe the Artificial Intelligence & machine learning market is set to grow at a roughly ~50% compound annual rate over the next few years. "The opportunity is immense," says Kulakowski. "It's no longer only a field for academic research. Companies are joining the party and want to see real business results from AI."

In addition to Predictive Modelling, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, intends to invest heavily in advanced R&D activities, particularly in reinforcement learning, general adversarial networks (GANs) and environment simulation. The company is already partnered with Google, Intel and NVidia, with whom it plans to further cooperate in delivering value to clients and continue joint research work.

"We see reinforcement learning as a technology of the future and that's why we focus on it in our research. It can reshape the landscape in various ways. For instance, we are currently applying it in our work on autonomous vehicles," says Kulakowski. will continue its development strategy by hiring talented data scientists and providing them opportunities to grow. "Business is always built by people, so hiring top talent is a cornerstone of's success," says Robert Bogucki, Chief Technology Officer. "We are and will continue to be an employer of first choice for data scientists." 

The last pillar of the strategy is built around providing tailored training to companies seeking to build AI competences.

"Our most formidable competition is not other AI providers, but doubt and a lack of practical knowledge about AI solutions. That's why we share our knowledge with other companies during seminars, training and tech-talks, providing both education and mentoring for organizations that would like to transform their business using AI," adds Kulakowski.