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Proact buys Estonian business

Proact IT Group AB has bought a business line from Elion Ettevõtted AS which specialises in IT infrastructure solutions from Oracle, Hitachi Data systems, Quantum and Symantec.

“Due to that IT infrastructure business becomes more and more service centered, the need for more integration of different services and vendors in a narrow market drives the need for consolidation. To meet the customers demand for services with high quality, agility and to create critical mass, both Proact and Elion recognize the need to align the IT infrastructure business in Estonia.” says Tarmo Kärsna, Head of B2B segment within Elion Ettevõtted AS.

“The acquisition of Elion IT infrastructure business line will strengthen Proact’s position in Estonia. As the business volume will increase we foresee even more efficiency within our service lines Support Services, Professional Services and Managed Services,” concludes Arne Kungberg, Business Unit Director East, Proact.

“Under these circumstances, a consolidation process in the IT infrastructure solution sales marketplace is only natural. The competence needed in core platforms is growing, as well as skills in managing increasing amount of data. Strengthening the company this way is beneficial for our customers and provides confidence in long term sustainability of solutions and services,” says Karel Kannel, CEO of Proact Estonia.

As of November, Proact will control the merged operations delivering IT infrastructure and services to Elion customers associated with the transfer of business.

The assets correspond to €1.7m revenue and number of employees will increase to 16. Proact will pay for contracts and staff transferred from Elion. The payment will be set off by the future liabilities in the contracts transferred.