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Quest Software announces GA of SharePlex version 10.1.2

IT management software provider Quest Software has announced that its database management and replication solution, SharePlex version 10.1.2, is generally available for all customers. 

SharePlex 10.1.2 is designed to help customers get more value from their Oracle databases, by enabling them to move data in near real-time to MySQL and PostgreSQL.

“With SharePlex version 10.1.2, organisations are better equipped to diversify their database platforms and accelerate real-time data integration at the database layer, both critical ingredients for achieving long-lasting business success,” said Venkat Rajaji, vice president of product management for Quest ISM.

According to Quest, real-time data movement from Oracle database to PostgreSQL ensures that the reporting instance is always up to date.

Additionally, SharePlex for PostgreSQL and MySQL supports the cloud platforms in both AWS (RDS and Aurora) and Azure (Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Azure Database for MySQL). This offers customers flexible, streamlined data replication and movement options afforded by a heterogeneous cloud environment. 

Other data warehouses and streaming platforms that SharePlex supports include Oracle data warehouses, SQL Server data warehouses, PostgreSQL data warehouses, Kafka and Event Hubs.