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Spinnaker chalks big growth for its support

Software third party support firm Spinnaker Support, a specialist in Oracle and SAP software, has announced 30% revenue growth across the EMEA region in 2022.

Hundreds of organisations, from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, use Spinnaker Support to keep their enterprise software running smoothly, in a more cost-effective way than native vendor support, said the provider.

SAP announced, that from 1 January, 2023, its annual support fees will rise by a maximum of 3.3% (or the local CPI rate, if lower). Oracle announced its support fees will rise by the rate of inflation dependent on the country it operates in. For EMEA customers, this could be up to around 10%.

Martin Biggs, VP and managing director, EMEA & strategic markets, said: “Supporting and maintaining critical software systems is non-negotiable, and no business wants to be left in the dark if a product fails or an urgent upgrade or fix is required.

“But an 8-10% rise in support fees is steep, especially in the context of the staggeringly high margins that software vendors currently make on their support revenue. A poor level of service is a growing concern amongst enterprises too.”