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Sustainability tops CIO agenda, reports Logicalis

Sustainability is a top priority for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) with the majority investing in environmental initiatives and technologies, new research from Logicalis shows.

The firm’s 10th annual CIO report reveals that 90% of executives consider it crucial to evaluate new suppliers' sustainability credentials. 

Despite economic uncertainties, dedication to sustainability remains strong. The survey indicates 96% of tech leaders are involved in sustainability planning, and 93% believe IT is key to achieving environmental goals.

However, 93% of CIOs face challenges in meeting environmental goals, with 43% struggling to collect distributed data. 

Logicalis CEO Bob Bailkoski (pictured) said: “Investing in sustainability is not only the right thing to do, it’s a commercial imperative for business.”

“We know that a reduction in carbon and energy consumption also means lower costs, and with regulations on carbon reporting becoming more stringent, prioritising sustainability now will serve CIOs well later.”

Pressure on CIOs to prioritise sustainability will increase as firms approach net-zero targets, according to Toby Alcock, Logicalis CTO.

He added: “With access to good data, CIOs should be able to see where to find short and long-term gains, both environmentally and financially. What’s more, they are well-positioned to attract new customers who are looking to allocate their business to more sustainable suppliers. 

“The fact that IT is now involved in sustainability at a strategic level should ensure that any initiatives have the right infrastructure and support to succeed.”