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Techone acquires Dutch MSP Felloo

Techone has bolstered its presence in the eastern Netherlands by acquiring MSP Felloo, which will maintain its independence as a subsidiary.

By acquiring Felloo, Techone can provide its customers with an expanded array of IT solutions, particularly in managed services.

Felloo's management will now include Techone CEO and Director Coert Coomans, who said: “The acquisition of Felloo brings us one step closer to our ambition to become the leading IT service provider in the business market.” 

Current board members, Marthijn Groenewoud and Sandy van Rooijen, will co-lead with Coert Coomans. Groenewoud also succeeds Grobben as Felloo's co-founder, CEO, and Director.

Groenewoud added: “We have great confidence in the cooperation with Techone and believe that we have found the right partner in Techone to hand over the baton.”