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Telia Carrier rebrands as Arelion

Telia Carrier, a new independent company backed by Polhem Infra, an investment firm jointly owned by Swedish Pension Funds, has rebranded to Arelion. 

“As we move forward as Arelion, one thing that won't change is the core of our business: the people, our customers and partners that bring us together," said Staffan Göjeryd (pictured), Arelion CEO. 

The telecom provider said that the rebranding reinforces its goal to provide premium global connectivity services to the world's largest operators, content providers and enterprises.

Arelion networks span Europe, North America and Asia and has more than 70,000 km of optical fibre and 1,700 MPLS endpoints, connecting customers in 125 countries. Over the past 30 years as Telia Carrier, Arelion has built up the internet backbone AS1299, which now powers nearly 65% of all internet routes. 

"Arelion will continue to support the mission that has resulted in 30-plus years of success and will continue to execute on our mission to connect the world to a brighter future and deliver the highest quality of services to our customers,” Göjeryd continued. “That's all possible thanks to our investors at Polhem Infra, who share the same focus and vision for us."

Arelion said it aims to continue to expand its global network to provide network connectivity while capitalising on the shift to buying wavelength and Ethernet services.