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Threatlocker publishes ransomware protection ebook

Building a cybersecurity stack that’s resilient to attacks is becoming more of a necessity than an option. To help stop cyberattacks in their tracks, Threatlocker, the zero-trust endpoint security expert, has put together a new ebook called 12 steps to Protect Against Ransomware so that organisations can better protect themselves.

In the first half of 2021, according to the National Cyber Security Center, the average ransom payment was $570,000, an 83% increase from the previous year. And with ransomware showing no signs of abating and businesses coming under attack every day, it’s now more important than ever to think ahead, ramp up protection and adopt a policy-driven, zero trust endpoint security solution.

It’s impossible to predict exactly when a cyberattack might occur, so preparation is key, and implementing steps outlined in the ebook can ensure greater protection to stop attacks or mitigate the spread if one already exists.

This ebook, therefore, provides steps and tools needed to better protect against ransomware and mitigate against cyberattacks, including ways to look for footholds, disabling micros and the necessity of patching.

Getting employees trained on the latest security software can only help, and since defence solutions are on the rise, it’s an opportune time to strengthen protection by implementing the latest solutions.

To access the whitepaper, please click here.