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Training, education and apprenticeships vital to cyber skills shortage

Training and education are key to addressing the cybersecurity skills shortage amid today’s heightened threat landscape, according to Managed Services Summit (MSS) panellists Bas Peters, EMEA Head of Channels at Splashtop, and Hiten Jotangia, MSP Partner Account Manager, EMEA at Duo Security.

During the panel debate ‘Cybersecurity - The Biggest Threat and Opportunities’ Peters told MSP delegates that adapting higher education and making the profession more attractive can help reduce the widening cybersecurity skills gap. 

“We need to make it more attractive to younger people to join the industry. Schooling is a big issue to attract more students into technical roles and it is also a problem to get the right people and keep them within your organisation,” he said. 

“It is an investment that we all have to make and the government also plays a big role in supporting university and educational organisations.”

Apprenticeships are also a solution to skills shortages in the cybersecurity sector, Jotangia added.

“Investing in some sort of apprenticeship programme is vital to fill the security void.If MSPs can offer an attractive package to someone deciding to go to university and racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt as opposed to earning money and learning on the job, you are going to build that loyalty with that person.”