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TrueFort-SentinelOne pact to enhance zero-trust security

Organisations can now leverage TrueFort's lateral movement protection platform to gather telemetry from SentinelOne.

The integration lets companies map app behavior, enforce zero-trust policies, and prevent lateral attacks across workloads.

Sameer Malhotra, CEO of TrueFort, said: “Using telemetry from SentinelOne agents, the TrueFort Platform combines visualisation and analysis of complex security relationships to understand, define, and enforce accepted application behavior policies.”

TrueFort employs SentinelOne's telemetry to create app profiles and leverages its firewall rules for security enforcement, both firms stated.

Ely Kahn VP Product for Cloud Security at SentinelOne, said: “By leveraging telemetry from SentinelOne’s agent and firewall capabilities, TrueFort can automatically create and deploy microsegmentation rules into customers’ cloud workloads to reduce their attack surface and help contain security incidents.”