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Ukrainian software house reassures clients

Luxoft, the giant Ukrainian-Russian software developer is answering questions online to reassure its clients that its business operations are stable and business is proceeding as usual. It says the actions in the Crimea are hundreds of miles away from its operations in Odessa, Dnipro and Kiev.

"There are no disruptions in transport, communications or other infrastructure and logistics. We plan to operate on a business as usual basis in all three of our delivery centres in Ukraine and will continue posting timely status updates," it says.

"Being a global company, our goal is to ensure a smooth service to our clients at all times. We keep clients and our own internal plans updated to provide an uninterrupted delivery despite possible turbulence in a given geography," it says.

With many clients in the automotive industry, and working for some large financial institutions, it is aware of concerns. Dmitry Loschinin, CEO and President will review operations online to answer questions from analysts and the public.