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Augmented reality and its use in remote support

A new survey on remote support makes for interesting reading. Some elements are familiar with 90% of issues still due to human error while the pandemic resulted in a massive surge in BYOD adoption. However, one new finding is that 42% of respondents say that the ability to visualize end users’ environments through augmented reality (AR) has had a positive impact in resolving issues.

In the latest instalment of IT Europa Business Insights, Contributing Editor Will Garside sat with Alexander Draaijer, General Manager for EMEA at Splashtop to discuss the new report and what the arrival of AR will mean for MSPs.

During the session, Draaijer explained how Augmented Reality offers the ability for technicians to remotely view issues through the end-user's mobile device camera in real-time while leveraging advanced 3D object tracking in the space.

“The user can ‘mark’ the problem with arrows or lines and the technician can ‘mark’ the display with his or her own arrows that make it easy for the user to follow along with the technician’s spoken guidance. The arrows “stick” to the referenced real-world objects, even if the camera moves away,” he explained.

Draaijer also provided a real-time demo of the Splashtop AR platform in action and shared details of an MSP supporting a major restaurant chain that through AR tools has dramatically improved its support while reduced travel time and associated expenses.

So, the big question – what does it cost? “By replacing 2 or 3 onsite visits with AR you can already generate a positive ROI. So, everything else that you do with our all-in-one solution is making you money while reducing your technician's stress levels,” he concluded.

More information on Splashtop AR can be found here.