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CobolCloud strikes Kubernetes alliance with Kubo

CobolCloud strikes Kubernetes alliance with Kubo

CobolCloud, a specialist in the migration and modernisation of large enterprise applications developed in COBOL on mainframes, has struck an alliance with Kubo Labs to secure and simplify the use of Kubernetes.

CobolCloud allows the recompilation of existing applications without modifying the source code, and integrates them with the latest technologies present in Windows, Linux, and the cloud.

Mainframe services are a growing market. While the number of mainframes has been reduced, the amount of data stored on them has increased.

Model9, which carved a niche in allowing organisations to more easily put mainframe data in the cloud, and which has a partnership with mainframe supplier IBM, was recently acquired by mainframe services firm BMC.

"Kubo Labs and its suite of tools perfectly complement our approach, namely, to offer our customers the best tools on the market to secure their applications in production," said Stéphane Croce, founder and CEO of CobolCloud.

"One of the most important components of container-based architectures, Kubernetes clusters require constant attention in order to maintain optimised and secure use in all circumstances," added Alain Regnier, CTO and co-founder of Kubo Labs.

"Our tools allow users to analyse Kubernetes clusters and to quickly detect and resolve issues."