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Crayon's Q1 profit soars amid software and cloud services demand

For its first quarter, Crayon has reported a 31% gross profit rise driven by heightened demand for its software and cloud services. 

This was facilitated by growth across all sectors, particularly in Europe and the Nordics, which recorded 53% and 26% profit growth respectively. 

The company's adjusted EBITDA rose by 50% to NOK 185m, improving the margin to 14.7%. Operating profit also increased to NOK 55m from last year's NOK 47m.

In other regions, the US recorded a 25% uplift, while the combined regions of Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa reported a 21% rise.

Crayon CEO Melissa Mulholland said: “We see a strong demand for optimisation and innovation across all our markets, and our customer centricity ensures we can deliver on those demands.”