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E-commerce specialist Oro Europe seeks handful of new partners

Oro Europe, with an e-commerce platform designed for B2B companies, has started a recruitment campaign to find extra integrator and consulting partners. Its plan is to rely on an ecosystem of dynamic partners. backed by resources to best support them in the spread and implementation of its technologies.To date, Oro Europe has a network of more than 20 partners.  In 2021, the company aims to strengthen this system by recruiting 5 to 10 new partners.

Becoming a partner of Oro is therefore a real opportunity to access the fast-growing market for B2B e-commerce, it says. For its part, Oro wants to become the benchmark in this market on a European scale. 

Laurent Desprez, Vice President and General Manager Europe at Oro "To date, our solutions have enabled our European customers to process an order volume of several million euros. Adapted to a variety of business volumes, our solution will enable our partners to respond effectively to the many use-cases. Joining our circle of partners is therefore a virtuous project allowing integrators to make a difference in a dynamic market with double-digit annual growth."