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Edge vendors combine to make data processing easier

Edge vendors combine to make data processing easier

Avassa and Sunlight have joined forces to deliver a complete software stack for the “secure, efficient and easy management” of edge environments. is a provider of secure edge-native software infrastructure solutions, and Avassa sells an application orchestration platform for the edge.

Their paired solutions, they say, will create a complete stack to serve the edge application needs of retailers, hospitals, factories, call centres, logistics firms or any other premises where data processing happens locally and compute resources are distributed across a large number of locations.

Carl Moberg, CTO and co-founder of Avassa, said: “To succeed with edge computing initiatives you need robust infrastructure to run your applications on, and also an efficient tool for orchestration and the monitoring of those applications.

“Combining our application-centric edge orchestration platform with Sunlight’s state-of-the-art hypervisor solutions, enterprises will get a solid and secure edge orchestration solution built to delight application teams, strengthening their innovation power.”

“We’re on a mission to make edge application infrastructure as simple as possible,” added Andy Brewerton, chief strategy officer of Sunlight. “In an ideal world, enterprises would both be able to order, ship and power on their edge computing infrastructure ‘as a service’, while also easily deploying and managing their applications from a central, remote location.

“Partnering with Avassa makes this edge application orchestration possible at scale.”