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Hans-Peter Bauer takes over as senior VP EMEA at Blackberry

After 14 years at McAfee, where he was vice president of central and north/eastern Europe, Hans-Peter Bauer is moving to Blackberry to start his new role as senior vice president of EMEA.

Based in Germany, with over 25 years of experience in the IT security industry, Bauer will be responsible for BlackBerry's business and operations in the region.

The appointment demonstrates BlackBerry's focus on helping businesses and government agencies across Europe proactively protect IT infrastructures against the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

BlackBerry's Prevention First approach was the reason for Bauer’s switch to Blackberry. The approach involves the use of AI and machine learning ML to prevent cyberattacks from the outset, the intelligent security software and services provider said. 

"BlackBerry stands above all for prevention-first in IT security," said Bauer. "One focus is the topic of automation. As attacks continue to rise, new variants appear regularly, and the necessary specialists are often lacking. The threats can no longer be combated purely manually. In this environment, innovative technologies play a decisive role."

Bauer brings a wealth of expertise to the further development of BlackBerry's Prevention First approach. Before his tenure at McAfee, he worked for various IT companies, including Lotus, IBM, Symantec and Juniper Networks.

"The systems on the market still work predominantly reactively,” Bauer continued. “This is where BlackBerry thinks differently and takes the lead in terms of the more innovative and effective preventive approach. Our AI is tried and tested; it’s been learning from data for more than a decade and is therefore very advanced in detecting threats. The longer an AI learns, the better it works.”